E is for…



My love for elephants has grown exponentially this year for some reason. I think I have elephant everything now…and I’m not complaining! This elephant tee is from Kohls and I adore it. I’m also wearing an elephant bracelet (Stella & Dot of course) and it represents strength, which is a great reminder everyday for myself to remain strong to who I am.



One of my favorite instagrammers Sarah Tondello came up with the phrase “Equestrian Chic” and I loved it so much, I included it in this post 🙂 Riding boots and blazers are some of my favorite pieces in my closet. They add the perfect touch to almost every outfit. I’ve always wished I could be a “horse girl” but I guess this is as close as it’s going to get. I’m okay with it though. I’ll admire the horses from afar…maybe ride them once in a while.



This is out of my comfort zone, for sure. But I’ve been trying to branch out this year and I have to say, it’s not as scary as it seems! It’s easy to add simple edgy touches such as a leather jacket or a spikey bracelet. I’ve also been experimenting with edgy makeup this year too. I’m still learning but lately I’ve been a fan of the vampy lip and winged eyeliner look that everyone and their mother is rocking this season. The fun part for me is making it your own. That’s the beauty of makeup. It’s all about your art and your style, very similar to fashion. Sure there are trends and style guides but in the end it’s all up to you. And that to me, is wonderful.

Everyday Classic


My go-to looks. I have a pinterest board entitled “Closet Inspiration.” It’s a secret board because I post a lot of the same pictures from my public boards and don’t want to spam people…but what the idea is that I only pin images that are similar to pieces I already own and have in my closet. Therefore, every morning when I’m laying in bed trying to get up in the morning, I can scroll through my board as if I were scrolling through my closet. It has reduced my “getting ready” time significantly and I feel as though my outfits are more put together. The idea to “Everyday Classic” is to keep it simple. Nothing too extravagant or trendy because that defeats the purpose. Keep things light and aligned with your personal style, then you’ve unlocked the key to this trend. Everyone can do this one! It’s that easy.


That’s all for now!

Till next time.

XO Abby

Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites

I am a lot later on this post than I had originally hoped; it won’t be long until I’m planning a winter favorites post! But as I always say, better late than never, right? Fall is one of my most favorite time of year (aka my birthday, sweaters, boots, and pumpkins) so I couldn’t just skip this post. We still have some fall left, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!

Here’s the breakdown of my current favorites:

1) The infamous blanket scarf

This particular scarf from my image is unfortunately sold out, but I linked it to an exact same style from amazon and it’s only $27. I bought mine from Aldo when I was down in Vegas and I am obsessed. Blanket scarves are all the rage right now but I didn’t feel like spending $50 on the Zara version. There are two advantages to this scarf. Number one, it’s huge and you can literally use it as a blanket (which I have) and number two, because it’s so large, you actually get two scarfs for the price of one. Actually, let’s make that three. You can obviously wear it as it’s shown here, both sides showing, or you can fold the scarf in half and wear it exclusively on either side, giving you lots of options to go with any outfit. Living up north, this has been perfect for our chilly weather.

2) Ankle booties

These are from modcloth, one of my favorite sites. But there are so many options out there. H&M has a lot of styles right now for around $30. I was a little reluctant to hop on this trend, mostly because it took me so long to find a pair that fit my ankles…apparently I have unique ankles or something…but I finally found a pair! or two, or three. I love them! I’m such a boot person but sometimes I get bored of wearing tall boots every day so it’s nice to mix it up. Plus it’s a way to add a little bit of height without losing comfort.

3) Wool hat

I only have one and it looks completely different from this one. But I got it at Target forever ago on clearance so unfortunately it’s long gone from their website, but I love the style of this one and I thought the bow was too cute not to share 🙂 to be honest, I’m not a big hat person, meaning I don’t wear them very often. But some of my favorite pinterest inspiration photos have fall hats so I decided to include it anyways. I think a hat is the easiest way to spice up an old outfit and make it feel new again. Plus it’s the answer to any bad hair day or 2nd day hair…

4) Military jacket

Yet again, the exact same jacket I posted here is sold out 😦 but I found another one that’s very similar! This is the item that’s flying off the shelves everywhere and for good reason. It goes with everything. Literally everything. Dresses, jeans, leggings, everything. I love it with the blanket scarf (a two in one, how about that!).

5) Graphic sweater

Isn’t this owl cute? You’ll never guess where it’s from either. Go ahead and guess. Then click on the link to find out if you’re right 😉 Graphic everything is really popular. They’re so fun because they make putting an outfit together a breeze! Throw on some jeans and a statement necklace with some boots and you look like you walked out of a JCrew catalog. And who doesn’t love that?

Well here’s to being on time with my winter post…do you guys like these season roundup things? Whatcha think?

Till next time!

XO Abby

D is for…


Pretty self explanatory. Ever been brave enough to try denim on denim? Me either. But it’s kind of starting to grow on me…will I ever be brave enough? Probably not. Let’s be honest, I’m pretty comfortable in my comfort zone. But hey, don’t knock it till you try it (that’s kind of my new catch phrase).




Dark colors, dark layers, dark ambiance, dark everything. It is fall, heading into winter, and everyone is into the darks. Really dark red seems to be popping up all over the place lately.

For work, I have to wear all black all the time so this dark trend is really standing out to me. I’m learning how to use texture and pattern against such a bland background to create interest. Jewelry also makes a HUGE difference. I could be wearing a black blouse with black pants and it could be really boring. Or I could pop on a statement necklace and suddenly wearing all black becomes chic. On my days off, I find myself reaching for black because I’ve discovered it acts as a really great base to pretty much any statement piece. It’s a lot of fun to play around with.




I cannot get enough of dresses lately. You know what’s funny, three years ago I wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress. Now, I wear them as often as I can. I love how easy they are to wear (come on, it’s a one piece outfit. It doesn’t get any easier than that) yet you look so put together. Everyone thinks you put in effort in the morning when really you just threw on a dress because you didn’t have to match anything. Shhh we’ll keep that one our little secret.

I’m serious though, dresses are my secret weapon for when I feel super uninspired. Just throw on a little black dress and you’re as classy as Audrey Hepburn in three seconds flat. Super easy, everyone can do it.




I decided to take the makeup route for this interpretation. Probably because my life seems more revolved around makeup than fashion lately. I used to completely shy away from dramatic looks, always trying to look as natural as possible. But now, I am all about dramatic lashes, lips, eyes, blush, the whole ordeal. Actually, the bigger and bolder, the better. I’m still working on techniques and getting looks down but as a makeup artist, I am so inspired by these three looks I’ve posted here. I am so excited to branch out from my standard smokey eye and get into the makeup trend realm. There is so much to learn and absorb! It’s all very exciting.

My Cinderella Moment

Jamie Rubeis Photography

Jamie Rubeis Photography

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been gone for the past week. Thus, a lack in posting has occurred. Anyways, where was I? Well actually, I was down in Las Vegas enjoying a balmy 72 degrees. I actually got a little too hot when we were there, which is fantastic for November. I was down there to visit my boyfriend, Nick for his Marine Corps Ball. For those of you who don’t know, the Marines turned 239 this year and every year around their birthday (Nov 10th), they throw a huge birthday bash. It’s a huge deal, bigger than any other branch, and wives and girlfriends from all over come together to celebrate the battalion. Last year we went to Palm Springs. This year, it was in Vegas.

I think this year was even more special than last year for many reasons. Nick and my’s story is long and complex (I can do a separate post on that if you’re interested, but otherwise I won’t bore you on the details). But we’ve always been long distance so our time together is always way too brief. This year was extra special because Nick was actually part of the ceremony. He’s in the color guard and he’s done a few events already but I could never see them because I’m so far away. So this was probably my only chance to see him perform and I was very thankful for that. The ball also marks Nick’s 3-year anniversary of joining the Marines, another big deal. He also promoted very recently, making this his first official event as a non-commissioned officer. So all in all it was a very special event and I definitely don’t take it for granted that I had the opportunity to go. I’m so thankful for all the time and money our families have invested to ensure we get to see each other as often as possible.


Now let’s get into the fun stuff! My dress is Ralph Lauren. I found it on a fluke when I was with my mom in Macys. I actually already had a dress but we were just browsing for fun. I tried on a couple that just weren’t doing it for us and on our way out, I found a random rack in a different department. This dress was the only one there in my size AND it was on clearance. It fit like a glove and was way prettier than the other dress I had! To make it even better, we had a $20 off coupon to bring the price down to around $50. This is a $300 dress! I was stoked. But now we needed shoes. We only had a little time left so we walked over to Nordstrom (since we parked there) and low and behold, the perfect pair of sandals were there. And they were on sale too! I tried them on, they fit, we bought them and I had a complete outfit in less than an hour. Considering my prom ensemble took months, this is huge! I like to think it was a God-thing 🙂

The jewelry was easy. I just wore Stella & Dot. My earrings are “Deco Drops” and the bracelet is our brand new “Casablanca Bracelet.” I honestly wasn’t sure about the bracelet at first, but I very quickly grew to love it and am very thankful it’s a part of my collection now.

Jamie Rubeis Photography

Jamie Rubeis Photography

Quick side note – well it’s not really a side note since my blog is titled “Modestly Fashionable…”

I want to take a moment to talk about dresses. I’ve sat by and observed homecoming, prom, and now ball dresses that are less than modest, to put it nicely. Trust me when I say, I know how difficult it is to find a modest gown. ESPECIALLY long dresses. Everything seems to be low-cut, sheer, or have a high slit. However, just because it’s difficult doesn’t make it impossible. Here’s a few tips and tricks I found that helps make the process a little bit easier:

1) Shop often and early
I know this isn’t always a possibility but it really does make a big difference. You’re going to have a really hard time finding a modest dress during prom season but winter seems to be a really good time. You’re also going to have to browse around. There are modest options out there, but there are also different styles. You are you going to have to hunt to find the perfect one, but I promise you that it is worth it.

Another key to this is that it will take some time. So if at all possible, don’t wait till the last moment. I know sometimes you don’t have a choice, but if you know that you have an event coming up where you’ll need a formal ensemble, start hunting for it now. You’ll most likely find it when you least expect it, that’s how it always seems to work.
2) Brands matter
Unfortunately this is true. I am all about saving money, however those no name, knock off brands are, first of all, going to look and feel cheap – because they are – and also, 99.9% of the time, aren’t flattering or modest. That being said, just because you need to start looking at “brand names” that doesn’t mean you have to fork over a ton of money. You need to be smart about your search. I’ve snagged all three dresses that I own on clearance for a fraction of their price. Both of my prom dresses we bought using a coupon which made them more reasonable. It’s all about being smart with your timing and knowing where to look.

Another note, being a “brand name” doesn’t mean you’re going to have to go immediately to the big name designers. It could be as simple as a dress from JCPennys or even a bridesmaids dress from David’s Bridal. Trust me when I say you’ll be able to tell the difference…
3) Know where to look
Nordstrom is my current go-to. Sometimes their dresses that are on a separate rack that only have one or two of the same styles are on sale and not even marked. I got my ball dress from last year for around $70, regular over $200. Macy’s and JCPennys are some more good options. I got my senior prom dress at a BCBG outlet store for under $100, and that was a $400 dress. Another really great option that I recently discovered is renttherunway.com. I personally have never used it, but I most likely will in the near future if Nick stays stateside and we have more balls to attend. There are some modest options on there for affordable prices. I like that you can order two sizes at a time so that you’re most likely going to have a perfect fit. It’s kind of fun because there are some HUGE high-end brands on there that you may never have the opportunity to wear again.

I’ve also seen dresses at Marshalls, TJMaxx, the Rack, and other stores like that. The selection is limited so shopping early and often (back to point number one) is a key here. You have to snatch them up when they appear but it’s definitely worth a shot! And like I mentioned earlier, short dresses are in much more abundance than long dresses so if you’re willing to chop off the length by a little bit, you might have an easier time. But beware! Don’t let it creep up too high…then that would defeat the purpose of all of this anyways 🙂

Well I hope those tips help. There’s definitely not a perfect formula out there but every little bit helps. Another option is to borrow from a friend who’s the same size as you. Most dresses usually only get worn once or twice, let’s change that and get some more wear out of them! Why not?

Till next time

XO Abby

What’s in My Bag?

Let’s be honest, I’m an accessories person. I work for an accessories company and I can never leave the house without something on. So that being said, I have a LOT of handbags. Probably more than any person should own. Part of that is that my job is amazing and I’ve received a lot of free products over the past year but another part of that is I just really like bags. I think they’re a great investment piece especially if you get timeless styles and they really can amp up a look very easily.


The bag I am currently using is actually not Stella & Dot (gasp!). It’s the first time this year I have not carried a Stella & Dot. The reason is that this bag is very special! First of all, it’s a Celine wannabe…it was on sale…it’s leopard…and I got it in Vegas just last week so it’s the latest baby to my collection. We were walking past Aldo and I stopped my mom to show her that bag and the salesperson saw us and beckoned us in to take a closer look. Then she told us it was on sale for $30 and it was sold. I literally carried it out as my new bag from that moment on and we haven’t parted since! (I am so dramatic when it comes to handbags, they’re important!)

I love being nosy and snooping through everyone’s handbag junk so I thought it would be fun to do this together! If you don’t think it’s fun, too bad. I’m doing it anyways.

P.S. I tried to find this bag online, but I couldn’t 😦 so sorry. It was an Aldo accessories store, instead of just a regular Aldo so maybe they had different items?


Here’s the overview. Since I *typically* switch handbags a lot, I try to stay pretty organized. As we go through each piece in my purse, I’ll share some tips on how I stay organized so I can find things easily. There’s nothing worse than digging around trying to find your chapstick and you end up dumping everything out only to find out it’s been in the right pocket all along. Not that I speak from experience or anything…

20141118_141935_Richtone(HDR)Alright! Here we go…are you ready for this?


1) Pouf!

That black and white makeup bag looking thing on the top left is a pouf. It’s actually a Stella & Dot item that I cannot live without now. I literally own about ten of these things and I use almost all of them. I have one for my tech cords for when I travel, one is an emergency makeup bag that I keep in my backpack for school, I use one for jewelry – holding my bracelets and such, the list goes on and on. This one I keep with me at all times. I call it my emergency pouf. It has everything I could possibly need: tissues, Advil, Benadryl, hand sanitizer, mints, gum, band-aids, tampons, hair ties, a comb, chapstick, lotion, and these wisp-y things that are like toothbrushes you can take on the go with you. I love using poufs because they’re compact, keep everything together, and they’re cute! Plus this one tells me that I’m beautiful. How nice is that?


2) Capri Pouch

That beautiful metallic thing on the top right is another Stella & Dot item that I don’t know how I lived without before. I use it for when I go to work. At Nordstrom, you’re not allowed to have your handbag with you out on the floor so I put my essentials such as my wallet and phone in this pouch and take it down with me. During my lunch break, I just use it as a clutch. I get so many compliments on it, it’s kind of ridiculous. But I mean, it is a pretty outstanding print if I do say so myself. Oh and this one I got free as well. Not bad, if I do say so myself. This one says “Hello Gorgeous.”

3) Ray Bans

Even though I live in the rainy state of Washington, I always carry a pair of sunglasses with me. These are my favorite, classic Ray Ban Wayfarer. They were a birthday gift from my aunt a few years ago and I rarely ever wear other sunnies. I don’t get the chance to pull them out very often, so that’s why I always have them with me. Ready for a moment’s notice.

4) Chelsea Tech Wallet

Yet another Stella & Dot goodie. This one fits your phone, which means I always know where it is. Also, if I’m just running into the grocery store or a quick errand, I can just take this and I’m good to go. Probably one of my favorite Stella pieces I own. The leopard is unfortunately retired, but we have tons of other prints!

5) MAC Studio Fix Powder

I always keep a powder with me for touch ups. I prefer the mineralize skinfinish powder from MAC but it’s a super soft and can break easily, plus it doesn’t include a sponge applicator, so studio fix it is. It also doubles as a full-coverage foundation, which is what I use on no-fuss days when I don’t feel like doing anything.

6) Lippies

Usually I have way more than this, but at minimum I always have a lipstick. This one is rebel, which is my current favorite. I also usually have a nude lipgloss for quick touch ups and a chapstick for when I don’t want to deal with a mirror. This Pixi one is my current obsession. It’s the perfect nude color and it’s so nourishing, I love it.

7) Kleenex

Isn’t the packaging so cute? I love how compact these are. I always need tissues handy. My nose has a bad habit of running at random times so I’m always prepared.

8) Hello Kitty Mirror

I got this at Sephora a while ago and I love it! It’s so stinking cute. One side is magnified and the other is just a regular mirror. I think having a mirror in your bag is an essential.

9) Earbuds

My dad got me these for my birthday and I love that they come in a handy case to keep them from tangling or breaking when they’re floating around. These also have a mic in them so they double as a hands free device for my phone. Especially for my long bus ride in the mornings and afternoons to class and home, headphones are a must. Pandora has become my best friend.


So that’s everything in my bag! This is for everyday, obviously. For special occasions or days I feel like mixing it up, I could go anywhere from a clutch, to a crossbody, or even a tote bag even bigger than this Aldo one. One of my favorite flash sale sites put up a handbags​ guide recently. I love seeing different styles and learning some of the history behind how they came to be. Rue La La does a fantastic job of including all that. They start by explaining different styles and then move into the history of the handbag, which I found particularly interesting to read. I highlighted a few of my favorite new styles below:

This style is called a baguette. Isn’t it cute? I think this is an ideal size for a designer bag, since it’s smaller, the price may be a little more reasonable and you could totally take it out at night and dress it up. I used to have a coach bag that was similar to this size but I sold it off a few years ago. Maybe I’ll reinvest someday?

This satchel is my favorite. I love the structure, I love this it has a long handle, I love the size, I love everything about it. My dream is to own a Birkin someday (that’s not the bag pictured here, but it is included in the style guide​. It’s way out of my price range right now, but maybe it’ll be my splurge WAY later on in life after I get a full-time job. A girl can dream at least, right? 🙂

My absolute favorite thing about the Rue La La style guide is at the very end, they include some tips on how to tell designer handbags​ apart from fakes. They cover Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Dior, and more. I always am skeptical about purchasing anything designer online because there are so many fakes out there and a guide like this is always helpful, so check it out!

Alright. I think this post is long enough, does that make up for my week hiatus? I have some more posts in the works for this week!

In the meantime, what’s the craziest thing in your bag? What are you currently carrying? I think your handbag tells a lot about you. I always love seeing everyone’s 🙂 feel free to share and write a post of your own! Let’s have a giant “what’s in my bag” party! Who’s in?


Till next time!

XO Abby



Tuesday Musings…


Happy Veteran’s Day everyone!

Just a quick update on my life…

I started working at MAC and I mean REALLY started. I was scheduled to work 30 hours this past week and ended up clocking in almost 40. So you can imagine how busy I was…I’m definitely getting my feet wet and jumping right in. I’ve done a couple complete makeovers already, including one appointment, and several just on the spot mini makeovers for customers. I am loving it! My coworkers are amazing and everyone has been so supportive of me by answering all my questions and jumping in to help me out when they can. I’m working at the second busiest counter in the whole state so we see a lot of foot traffic. Feel free to pop in to say hello if you’re in the area! I love seeing familiar faces 🙂 Let me know if you want to hear more about my experiences at MAC and what you want to know about!

Besides MAC, I’ve been busying prepping for the second round of midterms and registering for next quarter, which was supposed to happen today…but long story short, my department messed something up and so I was not able to register. Thus, I have a very blank schedule right now – cue freak out moment – which is terrifying because I need every single class to count towards my degree in order to graduate when I’m planning on graduating, which is a year from December. I’m hopefully going to get it all sorted out tomorrow morning but as of now, I’m just trying not to think about it.

Last, but not least, I am so sorry for missing out on Friday and Monday postings. I was just so exhausted from work that I didn’t have time to get my posts up like I have been in the past. I am planning on taking the rest of this week off from regular postings and will resume next Monday. I actually am leaving town tomorrow evening, but more on that later. I promise it will all be worth it.

I have several very exciting posts in the works, including some collaborations which is very exciting! So be on the lookout for those. I do have some drafts scheduled to be posted later this week so you will hear from me, just not everyday 🙂

I hope you had a lovely Veteran’s Day. While it’s nice to have a day off of work/school, remember why we celebrate Veteran’s Day and be thankful for those men and women who serve our country daily. They’re the real heroes and the ones making a difference out there.

Until next time!

XO Abby

C is for…



I debated even including this photo in this post. To be honest, I wasn’t really inspired by the letter “C” so this look kind of came out of thin air. Nothing complicated or complex about it and I could have done a lot better. So I’ll include some proper Pinterest photos of what I wish I had done here.



I’m not very good at this. I love my blacks and whites, neutral tones (even when it comes to makeup). But this is something I’m learning to branch out towards and it’s always fun to try something new. Color blocking was all the rage a couple of seasons ago and it seems to have died out a little bit, but you can totally still rock the trend if you want. My favorite (and the easiest) way to color block is to find a shirt or a dress that does it for you and then throw a statement necklace on over top. Super easy and very chic. You can thank me later 🙂



Ah. If I had to describe my style in one word, it would be classic. I’m very much into just very basic, classic silhouettes and colors. There’s something so sleek and refreshing about a timeless look sometimes. Blazers are one of my go-tos as well as a little black dress. There is nothing more empowering than an LBD with some killer pumps. You feel like you’re going to conquer the world with that combo. Now if you add some red lips? There aren’t words for how awesome that feels. Trust me.


Till next time,

XO Abby

UPDATE: 214 for 2014

Back in January, one of my very first posts for the year included this gigantic list. Since it’s November already, I thought it might be fun to go through it again and see how many things I actually managed to accomplish and how many I can check off before January rolls around again.

Here’s a key to help you figure out what my notes mean:

* means I’m going to try to complete the task before the end of the year.

The pink comments are my update notes. 

  1. Read my Bible all the way through at least one. Often been a resolution, but I’m following a study plan this year instead of trying to go about it on my own! I decided to complete a series of devotionals instead. I already have my reading plan established for next year. I WILL read the entire Bible in 2015, even if it’s the last thing I do. 
  2. Change my hairstyle. I’m getting tired of the same old, same old  I ended up chopping my hair off this summer!
  3. Get a job. Again. It’s been a goal for a long time but 2014 is my year! Whoohoo! I’m working at Stella & Dot and Nordstrom!
  4. * Knit a hat. I’ve been doing scarves for a long time, but it’s time to branch out
  5. Get a pedicure. Happens a lot, but it’s something I still want to do this year haha. Check. Many times over. haha
  6. Go to the ocean.  I got to go to the beach in San Diego. It was glorious. (even though I had hives at the time. Apparently I don’t get along with the sun very nicely) 
  7. Get more organized (declutter) Am I ever done organizing? Let’s be real. 
  8. Run a 5k under half an hour Dropped the ball majorly on this one…oops. 
  9. Learn to drink black coffee I honestly tried and gave it my best effort…I’ll keep trying. 
  10. Learn how to cook I cooked maybe 2 or 3 times. I don’t know if that counts as learning. 
  11. Write more letters. I love old fashioned stuff.  I wrote many letters to Nick and I think maybe one actually made it to him…(I hate military mail service. It sucks)
  12. * Become better at painting my nails. Eh. 
  13. Take a road trip with my girlfriends.
  14. Eat more salad and less pasta. I doubt this will ever happen. I love pasta too much. 
  15. Read more books. I’m not counting school. 
  16. * Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
  17. Cut down on sugar intake and get my sweet tooth under control.
  18. Crack down on my DIY pinterest board!
  19. BLOG BLOG BLOG. Can’t believe that took me until number 19 to come up with. Duh.  Pretty sure I did that. I mean I have over 30 posts now. 
  20. Finish Gossip Girl (I only have 5 episodes left…) I think I finished that before this list even went up…
  21. Watch Gilmore Girls all the way through.
  22. Watch Friends all the way through. All 10 seasons. Yep.
  23. * Create a scrapbook. Or finish one that I’ve started I’ve started Project Life but still need to print out more photos…I think I can finish this one before the year is up. 
  24. Enhance my photography skills
  25. Volunteer at a Deaf event to practice my ASL skills. I babysat for a Deaf family! Does that count? 
  26. Polish up my resume. Maybe actually get some experience to put on it… I had eight interviews in the month of September alone. My resume is pristine. 
  27. Apply to my major…eek.  I’m an economics student! With a December 2015 graduation date! 
  28. Become a Stella & Dot stylist! Again, duh. Why is this number 28. Yeah that was completed a few days after this was posted. One of the best decisions of my life. It’s been an amazing experience. 
  29. GET FROYO. My favorite.  I’ve had froyo a couple times. Not as much as I would like. haha
  30. Go to the zoo. Buy a college student membership. Go to the zoo again.  I have did this one. Went to the zoo, didn’t buy a membership, and haven’t gone back yet. 
  31. Apply for a job at Starbucks.  Check. I never followed up because then Nordstrom came into the picture. 
  32. ( Coupon to get something for free (it’s been on my bucket list)
  33. Learn to smile more! Simple, free, but a lifechanger. I don’t think you can ever totally finish this 🙂 
  34. Finish my #100HappyDays challenge on Instagram  and I didn’t miss a single day. BIG accomplishment for me! 
  35. Get 500 followers on Pinterest. May seem petty, but it’s kind of been a goal of mine. I’m like 7 short!  I’m at over 600. Next goal? 1000. 
  36. Cut down on Twitter usage. Maybe even deactivate my account.  Definitely accomplished this. Although I’ve been back on twitter lately…
  37. Make more friends!  I can thank Stella & Dot for this one 🙂 
  38. Create a daily routine that balances free time, schoolwork, and healthy activities. Because I’m not doing such a great job of that right now…Yet again, another one I don’t think you can totally master. 
  39. * More skype calls with long distance friends!
  40. Long distance movie nights (: We did have some movie nights but currently Nick does not have internet so we haven’t any since summertime 😦 
  41. Use my eReader more. I have a lot of “to do” books on there that I haven’t gotten to yet.
  42. Spend those gift cards I’ve had lingering around since my birthday. Major check. 
  43. Be more creative. Think outside the box. Uh. Maybe? 
  44. Yoga. Tried it twice. Died twice. It’s too hard…Maybe next year
  45. Pilates.Ditto
  46. ZumbaI did some workout zumba videos. Does that count? Yes? No? okay. I’ll do some more. 
  47. Typical get fit resolution here…next year…
  48. *Make a smoothie. Simple, but I’ve only done it like once. I can’t believe I haven’t made a single smoothie this year. I will make one. I think I want to try one of those breakfast smoothie things
  49. *Try a new cookies recipe. Christmas is perfect for that. 
  50. Bake a fancy cupcake.
  51. Go vegetarian for a week. I laugh at this. I might have done it unintentionally. I don’t really gravitate towards meat except when burgers or pasta are involved. 
  52. Take better care of my hands. I always seem to have scratches or broken nails. I started a nail care routine! 
  53. Play some tennis. I’m going to say this one is a yes. I think I played three times. 
  54. Journal some more. Epic fail. I went from journaling almost everyday to never…
  55. Go to the fair.
  56. *Go to the art gallery on campus that’s free for students and I’ve never been…
  57. See an opera (probably online)
  58. Buy a Diamond Candle. I’ve always wanted one.
  59. Pet a kitty.
  60. Pet a doggy
  61. *Try a new Starbucks drink . Any recommendations? 
  62. Redecorate my room I will finish this by summer of next year. 
  63. Ace my econ 200 final.
  64. Come up with uses for all my washi tape.I even got a cute organizer for all of them 🙂 
  65. Keep up with this blog. (hey that’s different than 19) I think I finally got this one figured out. 
  66. Become purposeful with my outfits. No more lazy sweatpant days! Instagram has my back for this one! 
  67. Knock movies off of my Netflix queue
  68. Learn more Spanish
  69. Find a seashell
  70. Go to Ocean Shores with Alexis
  71. Go to the Atlantic Ocean
  72. Go to Disneyland Both 71 and 72 completed with Nick 🙂 and it was fabulous. 
  73. Figure out if the Pussycat Dolls are saying “boobies” or “groupies” I’m so funny. 
  74. Get a pet rock name him . “Stonewall Jackson” Now who’s still with me and paying attention? 
  75. Watch Camp Rock with Stonewall Jackson Oh my gosh. 
  76. Look up reenactments. Debate participating. Probably say no because it’s going to rain.
  78. While camping make hufflepuffle
  79. Have a campfire
  80. Make s’mores
  81. Make s’mores with peanut butter
  82. Make s’mores with Resses
  83. Make s’mores with Kit Kats
  84. Make s’mores with any other chocolate that sounds good I made zero s’mores this summer 😦 
  85. Go bird watching
  86. Watch a bird movie with Johnny Depp
  87. Watch the real bird movie that Alexis is actually referring to
  88. Meet a famous person I met Ivanka Trump! 
  89. Get a famous person to follow me on some kind of social networking site Does Nordstrom count? 
  90. Paint a painting
  91. Frame the painting
  92. Put the painting on the wall
  93. Take down the painting because I’m not a good artist
  94. Make a photo cake
  95. Make a DIY canvas photo display
  96. Make my own candles that smell good
  97. Go roller blading and fall down.
  98. Go ice skating and don’t fall down
  99. WATCH THE SUPERBOWL WITH THE SEAHAWKS And we won 🙂 this is being added to the list for next year. 
  100. Call into a radio show.
  101. Enter as many contests as possible
  102. Dress up for Halloween possibly as a merbear or narwhal. Haha this is definitely not happening. 
  103. *Update music on my iPod
  104. Download a movie to my tablet It’s a lifesaver
  105. Go thrifting I need to get better at it 
  106. Design my own clothing line: MuMuMelons
  107. Play fashion game with Alexis
  108. Create a Sim Family and live it out for 5 generations
  109. Become a celebrity on Sims
  110. Watch the sunset
  111. Get up out of bed and watch the sunrise
  112. Go on a hike
  113. Go to Pike Place Market
  114. Polish all my shoes. They need it
  115. Watch Dawson’s Creek.
  116. Watch Sherlock with Alexis
  117. Never lose my Husky Card
  118. Never lock my keys in my room
  119. Be able to do 20 push-ups
  120. Become a Dinosaur expert from my class and tell everybody I know all the things I learned. Lol. You’ll thank me later when you’re on jeopardy this class was awful…bad memories. 
  121. Apply to be on jeopardy. LOL
  122. Stop saying LOL.
  123. Watch the movies that I own that I’ve never seen
  124. Go to a hockey game
  125. Go to a baseball game
  126. *Go to a volleyball game
  127. Go to a tennis game
  128. *Go to a basketball game.
  129. Go to a gymnastics meet.
  130. Become more flexible. AKA more yoga.
  131. Drive the van.
  132. Ride the train.
  133. Take the bus Done this probably 20 times over. 
  134. Go to Leavenworth
  135. Visit Whitworth Wish it was under happier circumstances…
  136. Go to Sun Lakes
  137. Go to Lake Chelan
  138. Go to the Pacific Science Center
  139. Go the EMP
  140. Visit Fife
  141. Eat at PickQuick
  142. Order a secret menu drink from Jamba Juice
  143. Order a fancy drink that nobody knows about from Starbucks.
  144. Eat Capt’n Crunch
  145. Feed a penguin.
  146. Watch BlackFish and hate SeaWorld (I’m not sure I actually want to do this)
  147. Get a geode
  148. Make a paper minion
  149. Go on a chocolate factory tour
  150. Meet someone on my floor other than Alexis and my sketchy neighbor. well too late for this one…
  151. Buy a pack of googly eyes and decorate “Stonewall Jackson”
  152. Eat my caffeinated M&M’s They were gross. 
  153. Carry around fairy dust.
  154. Learn about dragons.
  155. Read poetry and feel scholarly
  156. Learn big words and feel pedantic
  157. Cook up a chicken dinner
  158. Make a cookbook with recipes I’ve actually used.
  159. Make sunny toast
  160. *Make all the gifts I give for Christmas
  161. *Buy new glasses
  162. Go to Paint the Town in UVillage
  163. Go Go-Karting
  164. Go mini golfing
  165. Go real golfing
  166. Make a centerpiece for every holiday.
  167. Wear high heels I actually got into wearing heels this year surprisingly. I’m embracing the height. 
  168. Get all dressed up with no place to go. I’m known for doing this. 
  169. *Learn how to do an updo
  170. Attempt to learn how to beat box
  171. Learn a rap word for word and impress all my friends.
  172. Buy an ugly sweater
  173. Create a photo journal
  174. Win a prize playing “the claw”
  175. Play laser tag
  176. Write a message in a bottle/time capsule
  177. Buy a lottery ticket
  178. Make a cardboard car/space ship/whatever I want
  179. Ship a creatively decorated and stuffed package
  180. Go see a movie at a special theatre with Alexis
  181. Go stargazing probably with Alexis
  182. Visit Nick. Hopefully if he’s not overseas. I saw him a couple times. 
  183. Surprise someone. Surprised Nick at his parents house 🙂 
  184. Prank someone.
  185. Create a show off your crib video after I redecorated
  186.  Learn the first 50 numbers of pi
  187. Learn a magic trick
  188. Learn a card trick
  189. Have a board game night. Probably with Alexis again
  190. Go exploring on campus and find a secret spot.
  191. Visit every coffee shop on campus and rank them
  192. Go to the Ave and go to all the froyo places
  193. Apply for a scholarship
  194. Write a short story
  195. Watch an indie movie and like it
  196. Wear lipstick for a day and actually remember to reapply it This is funny. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t apply lipstick anymore
  197. Same goes for lipgloss
  198. See a foreign film
  199. Visit a new church
  200. Go to the ASL club meetings
  201. Have a free adventure day where nothing costs money
  202. Feed a bunny a carrot
  203. Rewatch Disney classics Shoutout to my fairytales class! 
  204. Talk into a fan and hear my robot voice
  205. Eat the sparky life savor in the dark
  206. Paint something glow in the dark
  207. Use my chalkboard paint and actually hang up the item
  208. Read the books on my bookshelf
  209. Get a massage
  210. Make a snowglobe
  211. Make my own jewelry
  212. Change my name for a day.
  213. Survive until 2015
  214. Complete things on this list! Well I did some things, right? 

B is for…



This is what I decided to go with for day 2. Well I kind of combined bracelets with black and white (see photo below). Arm parties are all the rage this season. No longer will one bracelet cut it – you need at least three. Maybe five.

I love arm parties because if you don’t know how to accessorize something, an arm party always does the trick. Necklaces and necklines can be tricky sometimes, not going to lie. But bracelets are a sure done deal. Easy breezy, no thought or effort needed.



My personal favorite fall trend. 90% of the time I’m wearing boots. Partially because I’m in Seattle and it rains most of the time and boots keep your feet dry, but also because I just love them. Ankle boots, calf length boots, they’re all great. The only one I haven’t been able to conquer is the knee-high boot. It’s just a little too intimidating for me to jump on. Besides, I’ve never been a super big trends person. If I invest that much money into a pair of boots, I want them to be timeless!



Now before you get all weird on me and tune out, pay attention for one second. Backpacks are actually a pretty big trend right now. People like being hands-free and while that usually means carrying a crossbody, lately it could mean carrying a stylish backpack as well. Especially during summer, but it’s transitioning into fall as well. Especially with school.

I have yet to get on this bandwagon and to be honest I probably won’t. Being forced to lug around a school backpack for a majority of the day makes me want to have a cute purse on my arm the rare times I do get a chance to go out.

Black and White


Classic classic classic. Speaking of timeless, black & white will never go out of style. It’s an easy go-to look. Not much else to say here.


Here’s what I did on October 2nd. I met Ivanka Trump, no big deal, right? She’s been my idol and icon for so long it was surreal to see her in person. She is so sweet and down to earth. I’m currently rereading her book 🙂

XO Abby

October Favorites

Makeup Favorites:

EOS mint balm

I’ve been a fan of EOS lip balms for a long time now. I bought the Costco pack a long time ago but it takes me so long to go through a single lip balm that I finally came to the mint one. First of all, I love the color. It’s so cute! Secondly, it’s amazing. I was using the tangerine one before and I loved it because it had a healing element in it to promote new cell growth or something like that so I wasn’t sure how I would like the “regular” balms. This one met my expectations and exceeded them. I actually use it every night before bed and my lips are still moisturized in the morning, it’s that good. I have ridiculously chapped lips and feel like I need to apply some sort of a chapstick every couple of hours but this one lasts me all night and I wake up feeling like my lips are good to go. To top it off, this is way cheaper than the balm I was using before!

*side note: I’ve also tried the strawberry one and wasn’t a big fan. Doesn’t do much for me*

Maybelline Matte Lipstick – Touch of Spice

I know I work for MAC now, but this was a pre-MAC purchase. I love the formula of these lipsticks. I like the look of matte lips but haven’t been able to find a lipstick that works with my dry lips. Matte formulas tend to bring out dryness and accentuate dry spots. But not this one! It glides on smoothly and lasts for hours. As for the color? It’s my go-to fall lip color. It’s just the right amount of red and brown without being too vampy. I definitely wore this one too much this month, but who’s keeping track, right?

P.S. sorry for the lack of personal photos…I promise I will be better in the future.

MAC 217 brush

I have been 110% obsessed with this brush! I have three or four other crease brushes in my collection because I think it’s the thing that sets apart all looks and I am eager to try new things. This was my first “long” crease brush, meaning that the bristles are long enough that you can bend and manipulate them. All of my other brushes are more dense. So I was a little apprehensive, to be honest. I didn’t know what to expect since I was used to working with a much different tool. But MAC yet again, takes home the cake. This brush is so easy to work with and honestly does wonders. It blends like a charm. My whole eye routine has changed and I no longer reach for any other crease brush, which is a big deal for me. This one is definitely worth checking out.

Skincare Favorites:


Ah ah ah ah ah. I CANNOT say enough good things about this one. I have struggled with acne basically for forever. I’m past my teens and still have constant breakouts and I honestly mean constant. I’ve been to a dermatologist once and I’m planning on going back sometime soon but in the meantime, this seems to really be making a difference. The packaging is weird, but it honestly works. I’ve never tried anything else like it before. Plus it’s pink so it’s kind of cute to have pink spots all over your face. Right? No? Okay.

Vaseline Spray Lotion

I hate putting on lotion. It makes my hands greasy, you have to let it sit, and it takes time. I don’t have time for that! So this has been a lifesaver. Takes me seconds and I love it. For the first time in my life, I actually moisturize every single day and I can feel the difference. Such a simple product, but I can’t live without it now.

Pumpkin Latte & Marshmallow Comfort BBW body lotion

Okay, I go back on that lotion thing. I like it during this time of year once in a while, especially for my hands. Walking around in the cold does a number to them and it helps to have something that smells nice. I don’t even know how to begin to describe this one. I don’t think it smells like pumpkin or marshmallow, but I know that it’s amazing. It is a little bit on the sweet side but it’s not too sweet. It’s just so good, do yourself a favor and the next time you’re in Bath and Body Works, go ahead and give it a whiff and let me know what you think. You can thank me later.

Fashion Favorites:

Blanket Scarf

I gotta admit…I don’t own the Zara one everyone is dying over. But being a college student, I couldn’t justify dropping $50+ on one scarf that’s probably – let’s be honest – be out of style next year. So I did what I do best, hunt for a deal. And I found one! Ebay. $9.99. Free shipping. Now that is music to my ears. It isn’t exactly the same as the Zara one, but it’s close enough and I can live with it. But oh my goodness, it keeps me so warm, almost too warm. Every time I’ve worn it so far, I’ve had to take it off in the middle of the day because I’m overheating. I love it. It will be absolutely perfect as we head into November and December and the frost starts to settle in.

*side note: I’ll be doing a post later where I’ll link different options for blanket scarves to shop so be on the lookout for that.


Military Jacket

Confession, I think I wore this too many times this month. I have a thing against repeating outfits. I think life is too short to do the same thing multiple times. However, I’ve been guilty of outfit repeating due to this little piece of clothing. I liked a look so much that I wore it twice…gasp. Most of you are probably thinking that’s ridiculous, how could you go a whole month without repeating an outfit. And for that, I tell you to download pinterest and start saving pictures. Also, I have a large closet…

But honestly, without a large closet, it’s still possible. Pinterest has been my best friend when it comes to recreations and pairings. I’m constantly getting new ideas and creating new combinations in my wardrobe. It’s amazing. Best thing since sliced bread, honestly.

*the one I own is from Old Navy and I couldn’t find it on their website so unfortunately they may be sold out. But I am planning on doing a “Fall Essentials” post later this week and hopefully I’ll be able to find some other options for you!

Random Favorites:

Cafe Escapes – Pumpkin Spice

Yep. I love pumpkin spice. But I don’t like the fact that it costs me over $4 at Starbucks. Thankfully, we have a Keriug. And I have a Target. Got these for less than 50 cents a cup and they taste amazing. I’ve had one every single morning since we bought them. Finished a box and then we went out to buy two more, that’s how good they are. It’s definitely not the same as the Starbucks one but I like it better. There’s more of a spice element to it that isn’t too overpowering and doesn’t feel heavy, which I think the Starbucks one leaves me feeling really heavy and bogged down afterwards. But I still enjoy a good old nonfat Pumpkin Spice Latte once in a while.

Colbie Caillat’s Gypsy Heart

I cannot get enough of Colbie Caillat. I saw her in concert a couple years ago and my respect level for this woman shot through the roof. She is the real deal and is so down to earth, it’s amazing. I’ve been a fan of hers from day one. I like her music, I like her tone, I like her. This album has taken place as number one. “Try” is my favorite. Not just because it was her number one single, but because I think it most reflects who she is and why I love her so much. Look up Gypsy Heart and give it a listen. I’ve had it on repeat all month long.